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Tophe's Space Age Page
This music is by Esquivel, a musician I greatly respect. It may be dated, but it's faaaar out!


Graduate student at U. C. Berkeley in
Interdepartmental Graduate Group in Science and Math Education (SESAME) ,
Computer Science , and
Consultant to web and multimedia developers

tophe @

(510) 642-9717 (office)
(510) 642-3769 (fax)

Postal Mail
4533 Tolman Hall #1670
University of California
Berkeley CA 94720-1670

Contact Information


The KIE Project
Scaffolding student inquiry projects about science evidence on the Web

Structured multimedia discussion tool for students

Past Projects

Distant Mentoring
Learning in workplaces with telepresence tools and AI natural language interfaces

Procedural abstraction in computer programming
The psychology of understanding procedures as reusable objects

Convince Me!
Using a connectionist model to support scientific reasoning

Curriculum Vitae



Some of the people in my life:
  • my favorite photographer, Ondine Shugart
  • some of my friends from school
  • my partners in crime, Sherry Hsi and Ben Berman
  • my way-hip sister, Jodi
  • the Hoadley clan (newly online)
Things I like to do:
  • go camping
  • cook lovely meals, mostly meatless
  • drink good coffee and eat oat scones from the Cheese Board Cooperative bakery
  • put off getting my bike fixed. I need to go riding!
  • teach people things
  • play Simon and Garfunkel songs on the piano
  • visit the MOMA in the SOMA
  • visit the Exploratorium
  • play solitaire on my PalmPilot (though I'm ashamed to admit it)

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